Another notification to my inbox?

Yes, another notification, and hopefully a notificaiton that brings you joy, reminds you to slow the fuck down, to log off every so often.

Originally, this newsletter started as a way to critique and think more about how we use tech, and discuss the different nuances between tech and journalism, but the more I threw myself into the world, the more that I realized I don’t know if that’s the problem.

While yes, there are problems in tech, and yes there’s problems in journalism, there are also problems in fishing, and in healthcare and in stock markets and in air pollution, and tech bros and overall problems across a few different boards.

Erin for Tech is now Paid Attention

The problem isn’t the problems in itself — the problem is where we’re paying our attention to. We’ve paid attention to the tech bros, we’ve paid attention to the policies, but at the end of the day, we’re all just ending up spent.

Join me, in a hyper-nuanced, self-discovery journey on how the tools, the tech, and the systems that we exist, are part of history repeated. An analysis in how we pay attention, report on, and discuss these topics, but largely just end up spent.

what you can expect

infrequent musings on the inner workings of the attention economy, what this has to do with how we work, play, and live our lives, the simple acts of resistance of creating just to create and how to avoid feeling spent.

not your jam, that’s okay.

up your alley? let me know.

are you creating to just create? i’m here for it.

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Diving into the tech world, and taking a critical look on its impacts on media and the way we communicate.


product x community thinker thinking a lot about the tools we use and the creator economy's larger systemic impact