Reflections on self-discovery, understanding the attention economy and how we build, create, report on, and discuss these topics — and largely end up…

August 2020

Let's start a conversation about how to make the future of community a better place.

July 2020

How we could actually make a better internet (but those making lots of money would probably make less and that would make people mad).
How looking outside what we know will be the way that we survive
Why we need to be okay with messiness of the world around us.
Taking the best from both worlds, and redefining what is valued to create a better future.

June 2020

the power of online communities

May 2020

oh and about the most optimistic stalk market, and being tracked by tech

April 2020

the ethics of arguing on the internet, charitable tiktok-ers, and motherfucking websites
And how science says it can be a whole lot of different things
tiktok and capitalism *rolls eyes*, the tech v. journalism debate, and COVID-19 stockpilers.

March 2020

On things that bring us less anxiety on the internet.